…that is THE question!

Here’s how my list always starts out:

MUST invite
– child’s ‘best’ friends
– other good friends
– other friends who child sometimes plays with when their best friends or good friends aren’t there
– all the other boys and girls in the class in case they find out that there’s a party and you really don’t want them to be left out because you know how terrible being left out makes you and your child feel.
– relatives – part 1: your aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins
– relatives – part 2: child’s aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins
– mothers’ group friends and children
– playgroup friends and children
– neighbours and children
– your long time friends and their children who are nowhere near your child’s age
– your friends who have children your child’s age but wouldn’t know your child from a bar of soap (but don’t you think it’s awkward when the birthday guests don’t know who the birthday boy or girl is and wishes some other kid “Happy Birthday!” ??)

The party list just seems to grow and grow and when you step back and count the numbers, you are completely overwhelmed at the huge task ahead…culling back your list!

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