My little girl turned 5 on the weekend and what a momentous occasion it was!  We just can’t believe how these first five years of her life have just flown by in what seems like a twinkling of an eye.  I still remember her with eyes wide open, taking in the big wide world as she lay on the scales as the midwife weighed her for the first time.  And the howling, from her not-so-little lungs, that came echoing down the hospital corridors and resulted in many sympathetic nods and looks from other understanding mothers.  But enough reminiscing for now…

I’ve been busy these last few weeks organising and putting the final touches to her party.  As a big fan of cooking shows, my daughter wanted a cooking party.  So I set about working a doable cooking activity for the fifteen or so of her friends.  We ended up decorating cupcakes and it was a hit with the kids.

After a quick piping demonstration, the kids set about piping their cupcakes and then adding lots of other decorations to their creation.  They then decorated a cake box for them to carry their creations home.

I was after a simple, clean and stylish look and was extremely happy with the results.  These gorgeous photos are courtesy of the talented Tracy from Eclektic Photography + Design and a few of the sweets were from the delightful ladies at Paddington Lane Handmade Biscuits.  Once again, the cake was a highlight, designed by Sharon Wee and based on the invitation which was custom created as part of The Invitation Range by The Party Studio.

Collage of party

Collage of Amelia's Party