We battled the rain, wind, cold…and colds of the two birthday girls (a mummy and her little almost-2-year-old), but we finally did it!

The mission was to create a party that suited both mummy and her little girl and their love of afternoon tea and teddy bears (respectively).  So after a bit of brainstorming, we dreamed up a party for two.  Teddy and Me encaptured Charlotte’s love for her teddy bear.  In teddy bear picnic style, children and their teddy bears (of course) were invited to a rather glamorous teddy bear’s picnic.  Mummy, on the other hand, preferred something with a little more sophistication now that she had reached the big 3-0, so a high tea was in order!

The absolutely stunning birthday cake was made by Jo from The Cupcake Gallery and we couldn’t resist Paddington Lane’s melt-in-your-mouth melting moments. 

Thanks must also go to our friend Bryan who captured the special day, including this last shot which I just had to share with you!  The joy that lollies can bring to a little girl…