MealboxLast week, I wrote a post on outdoor places to party, so I thought I’d give you some hints on how easy outdoors can be.  There is no need to drag everything including the kitchen sink with you in order to keep your guests happy and “wowed”!

1. Keep food small.  Bite sized means no cutlery.

2. Keep food simple – things that don’t need refrigeration or heating, unless you have access to a powerpoint or the necessary equipment.

3. Make little mealboxes for your guests that can be handed out at meal time.  You can individualise packs with ribbon and tags and also easily tie them into your theme.

4. Instead of a birthday cake, serve birthday cupcakes.  This will save you from having to cut and serve cake at the park.  You could even have cakes boxed ready for guests to take home.

5. Don’t forget to pack wet wipes for sticky little fingers.

6. Have drinks in little bottles to minimise spillage from little ones and the wind.  It’s also a good idea to label drinks with each guest’s name to try and stop the spread of those dreaded germs!

If you have more ideas, please do share as I’m sure we’d all love to hear.