From the moment we wake, I think many of us live busy lives, with very little time to stop and think and reflect.  Well, this would certainly be true for me.

But this morning, I happened to wake up early and as I sat at the computer, I came across a post from Frog Prince Paperie on Thanksgiving.  Now thanksgiving isn’t something that we celebrate here in Australia…yet.  (Though if marketers have anything to do with it, like Halloween, it might just make its way onto our shores.)  And so, I was challenged to take a few moments to think about all the things that I could be thankful for.

We’ve just had a bout of gastro in our household, so I’ve recently been reminded how important our health is.  I can be thankful for our health (now we are all back to full health), and also for my dear husband who looked after us sickies with such dedication, even though I’m no sympathetic shoulder to cry on whenever he’s sick.  I can be thankful for the three beautiful children that God has blessed me with, for their love and energy and little ‘I love yous’, even though sometimes their energy really takes all my energy out!  And I can be thankful for the beautiful home that I live in and for the family and friends that surround me each day.   I’m also thankful for the smaller things that I often take for granted in life like the sound of rain pattering on the roof (I’m not going to complain even if it is raining at school drop off!) and chilli (I truly believe that a dash of chilli can make anything taste delicious – try it!).

OK, so this one’s a bit of a serious post, but if you do end up having a Thanksgiving celebration, what would you hang on your little “Tree of Thanks”?

Thanksgiving centrepiece

"Tree of Thanks" created by Frog Prince Paperie